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South End Building Fight; Boston Toughest for Winter Rentals

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BOSTON—Another reason to check out our latest Curbed Boston Rental Heatmap of where the tenant freebies are: "If you live in one of these top four cities, we suggest hunkering down for the winter and trying your luck in spring. In particular, Bostonians would be better off sitting around sipping Irish coffees because the number of listings dropped by as many as 5,000 during your winter months!" [HotPads]
SOUTH END—A familiar debate about size and impact is under way over a proposed plan to turn a two-story building at 6 Parmelee Street into nine apartments: "The building next door, 663 Massachusetts Avenue, is a TDC affordable rental building whose upper-floor tenants would be impacted by the plan to build upward at 6 Parmelee. Housing development consultant Robert Goldstein vehemently maintained that 6 Parmelee's proposed vertical extension would 'destroy the quality of life' for 663's tenants by obstructing their natural light and airflow." [MySouthEnd]