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Here's One Way of Looking at the Big Harbor Garage Plans

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Few development proposals in recent years have engendered more opposition than Don Chiofaro's attempts to plunk something sizable on the Boston Harbor Garage. The developer's latest plans call for two towers of 600 and 537 feet with a mix of condos, offices, hotel rooms, retail and a year-round public space called Harbor Square. Such dense ambitions have aroused the passions of owners in the neighboring Harbor Towers condo, which brings us to the rendering above (via Nate Boroyan at BostInno).

Designed by George Thrush, a Northeastern architecture professor, the renderings show the scope of Chiofaro's planned towers as well as their impact on the Harbor Towers and the waterfront in general. The view is from Fan Pier in Southie. If the renderings seem rather intrusive, we should note that Thrush has been tasked with divining alternative development plans for the garage site, ones not as big nor as bold as Chiofaro's. It's a seemingly ceaseless debate in Boston real estate development: big vs. smaller, dense vs. not so dense. And the stakes are high.
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Harbor Towers

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