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There Is a Cambridge House for Sale Smaller Than a Studio

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Let's agree that good-sized studio apartment or condo runs to around 600 square feet. And we can all certainly get together on defining a micro-apartment as around 400 square feet or less. What happens when you have an entire single-family house that's smaller than the former and about as big as the latter? You have 12 Sargent Street in Cambridge. The 420-square-foot spread about halfway between Porter Square and Alewife just dropped on the sales market. "Good things come in small packages!," shrieks the William Raveis listing, which also talks up the 1-BR, 1-BA's private outdoor space. And, heck, there's room for an upright piano, by the look of the listing photos. The house is asking $304,000—or a whopping $723-plus a square foot. Anyone wanna bet it gets that or more?
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Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140