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This Tiny Mid-Cambridge Condo Is a Fast-Moving Time Machine

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Selling a Cambridge condo is not that hard nowadays (nor is getting a lot more for it than the asking price). The Re/Max Unlimited listing for this 416-square-foot unit on the higher floors of 10 Dana Street comes up with a fresh angle nonetheless: "Step back in time. Gracious historic building steps to Harvard and Central Square..." Indeed, the listing photos reveal a sort of homage to anyone's favorite grandaunt, complete with a baroque sitting room and an elaborate lamp in the lone bathroom (ribbon candy nowhere to be found, however). The rooster in the kitchen is a nice throwback as well; and candelabras are not hard to spot. Unit 9 dropped 11 days ago for $299,900, making it the cheapest Cambridge home on the sales market. Oh, wait, never mind: A deal is currently pending for the condo. That leaves this tiny house as the cheapest in town. It's only four square feet bigger; so far as we know it hasn't sold yet.
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Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138