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Ridiculously Airy Aerie Drops Near Busy South End Corner

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Gobsmacking vus are not unheard of in Boston. The city doesn't have that many truly tall buildings and it's not that densely built up. Then along comes a collection of vus that makes one reconsider the meaning of "gobsmacking" in this context. One such collection comes from this newly listed corner penthouse at the Metropolitan. The 1,805-square-foot duplex is wide, wide open when it comes to Harbor and city vus, with floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, including a soaring number next to the spiral staircase. The 2-BR, 2-BA near the South End's busy, busy northeastern corner wants $1,899,000. That comes with two garaged parking spaces. · Listing: 1 Nassau Street, #2206 [Coldwell Banker]
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