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New Names, New Plans for Quincy's Big Downtown Project

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The City of Quincy once called its New Quincy Center plan "the largest and most aggressive urban redevelopment project currently underway in the United States." One wrench in the machine, though: After being only briefly "currently underway" beginning in the summer of 2013, work halted. The then-developer could not afford to build out the 287-unit project and left behind a rather gaping construction site.

The city is now back with a new developer with new financing. The developer may seem familiar, in fact: Gate Residential is behind such projects as Somerville's game-change-y Maxwell's Green and the epic Ten Farnsworth redevelopment in Boston's Fort Point.

The fresh Quincy project is expected to eventually include more than 400 apartments as well as several thousand square feet of retail and commercial space, all near a Red Line stop (transit-oriented, people, transit-oriented). The first phase calls for a complex called West of Chestnut (that spot had once been dubbed Merchant Row, the site of the short-lived construction). It is slated to have 169 apartments in a six-floor building with 12,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. Construction on that should start early next year and mercifully wrap in 2016.

The second phase, East of Chestnut, will have 220 apartments and more retail. No timeline on that, except that it's to follow the first phase's completion. Stay tuned.
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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA