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Mass. Elevators Will Kill You; Latest Buzz on Cambridge Bees

CAMBRIDGE—Meanwhile, the city is working on a bee-keeping ordinance that could be similar to ones in Somerville and Boston: "A Cambridgeport synagogue has until Jan. 8 to make peace with neighbors who suffered bee stings and swarms from four rooftop hives last summer." [Day]
MASS.-WIDE—The commonwealth has for a long time been rather remiss in its elevator inspections: "Elevators weren't being inspected in a timely fashion, either because inspectors weren't getting to them before the certificates expired or because elevator owners weren't applying for inspections in the first place. The latter was made much easier because the DPS didn't have a system in place to keep track of when elevators were due for inspections, leaving it to rely 'on the honor system' and trust the owners to follow the law (and pay the $100 inspection fee)." []