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Harbor Garage Opponents Present Smaller, Shorter Options

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The proposals for the big-time redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage seem destined to change now because of vociferous community opposition. After an initial burst of optimism last summer that something would finally be built worthy of the prime waterfront location, it looks like the original two-tower plan, including one of more than 600 feet, will be scrapped in favor of something smaller or at least significantly different.

The latest bit adding to the aura of inevitable change comes via a recent presentation hosted by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. That presentation included renderings of alternative scopes and designs for the Harbor Garage site (see above image). Several are above (and BostInno's Nick Boroyan has some others as well as a rundown of the presentation). The renderings, from the Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee, basically de-emphasize the height and the scope of the original plans from developer Don Chiofaro. They also offer a smaller footprint for any redevelopment and set it back farther from the waterfront. This is not the first time alternatives have been proffered and it likely will not be the last.
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