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New Southie Townhouses Asking Mid-$900Ks. Perfectly Sane?

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Crazy/Not Crazy is a Curbed Boston feature wherein we give you details on a new listing and kindly inquire if the asking is stark, raving mad or perfectly sane. Results Monday.

We are going to try a different tack with our Crazy/Not Crazy this week: Instead of a single new listing to assess, we're going to size up an entire new development. In this case, the five townhouses recently constructed at 109-123 Dresser Street in South Boston near the intersection of West 1st and East 1st streets. Each has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two garaged parking spaces. Each, too, is about 2,000 square feet and 25 feet wide; and comes with flourishes such as 16-foot ceilings on the top floors and landscaped patios off the ground levels as well as copious closet space. Prices for the new townhouses range from $929,000 to $979,000—or roughly $500 a square foot.

Poll results

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