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Peek Inside a Multimillion-Dollar Mid-Cambridge Mansion

The 4,267-square-foot spread at 30 Linnaean Street north of Harvard Square dropped on the mad-crazy Cambridge sales market way back in mid-June for $2,745,000. Its price steadily declined until it closed Friday for $2,370,000. More deliciously, the Coldwell Banker listing for the 4-BR, 4.5-BA, with a third-floor library big enough for 2,000 books and six parking spaces (two garaged), provides a rare glimpse into what such mansions near Harvard look like. Also, No. 30 is just down the street from the longtime home of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She and her husband bought their Linnaean Street house for $447K back in 1995. Can only imagine what it's worth now.
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Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138