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What $3,000 a Month Rents You in Boston Right Now

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'Tis been more than two months since last we checked in to see what $3,000 a month rents you in Boston. It turns out little has changed in terms of the what and the where: Generally, it looks like $3K on the nose gets an apartment or a house of some size (at least three bedrooms) in a neighborhood not called the South End, the North End, Back Bay or Beacon Hill. In fact, we're kind of surprised at the dearth of 1- and 2-BRs renting at $3K. Guess you have to got to Waltham for that. Regardless, let's kick things off with a 4-BR, 3-BA Victorian house in Hyde Park near the Milton border (its foyer is pictured above). The 3,507-square-foot 141 Beacon Street also comes with a two-car garage.


We move on to the 5-BR, 2-BA Unit 2 at 11 Copley Street in Jamaica Plain, near the Stony Brook T stop. It's a 2,270-square-foot duplex.

Out in Boston's Next It Neighborhood (a.k.a. Brighton) we fund Unit 2 at 153 Bigelow Street. The 4-BR, 2-BA, 4,000-square-foot duplex was recently renovated.

In southern Southie, the attached house at 435 East 6th Street offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,350 square feet over three levels.

We end with another duplex: Unit 1 at 151 Terrace Street in Mission Hill. It's a 3-BR, 2-BA.
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