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Savin Hill Condos O.K.'d; Boston Olympics Opponents Meet

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DORCHESTER—The city's Zoning Board of Appeals has O.K.'d the development of that (somehow) controversial 14-unit condo building at 120 Savin Hill Avenue. You know the one: Community opposition nearly croaked it over lack of parking ... despite the fact it's across from a T stop. New plans call for three parking spaces instead of the hoped-for 15. [Curbed Boston; h/t Lauren Dezenski]
BOSTON—Opponents of hosting the 2024 Games here are organizing like it's your last company's retreat: "The brief meeting served to introduce attendees—an array of residents from across Boston—to one another before they split into groups to strategize ways to protest against the Games, including rallies and outreach to the media and legislators. There are not yet any public plans for marches or demonstrations." []

Savin Hill T Stop

121 Savin Hill Avenue, Boston, MA