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Does This Flagship Wharf PH Have the Greatest Vus in Boston?

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Far be it from us to ever be hyperbolic, but the newly listed Penthouse 230 at Flagship Wharf in Charlestown has the greatest views in the history of Boston. (At least until the Millennium Tower is finished and every residential vu in the city is forever humbled beneath its penthouses' vistas.) Indeed, floor-to-ceiling windows abound in the 4-BR, 2.5-BA domain, which unfolds over a rather precise 2,432 square feet and which comes with two private decks (more vus!) as well as garage parking. It's asking a cool $2,149,000, about what Flagship Wharf penthouses ask. · Living Room Mirror Comes w/ Funky Flagship Wharf Entry [Curbed Boston]
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Flagship Wharf

197 8th Street, Boston, MA