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New Thumps Old Big-Time: Millennium Place Wins in a Walk

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And, now, the results of our Real Estate Deathmatch.

This particular deathmatch saw a 3-BR, 2.5-BA duplex condo at 330 Beacon Street with bones in the 1950s square off against a duplex condo in Millennium Place, which opened in late 2013. Both were of similar size and both were asking around $4,400,000 (in fact, that was the Millennium Place spread's exact tag). Both were in full-service buildings as well. And! Both came with two parking spaces. Despite the similarities, an overwhelming number of you (71-plus percent) chose the younger of the two condos, Penthouse 08 at Millennium Place (it's pictured). As one reader so directly put it: "Not even a question, that building on 330 Beacon is awful... great views of the Charles but besides that and its ZIP code nothing appeals to me."
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330 Beacon Street

330 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111