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Five Figures Over for Penthouse in Dwindling Polish Triangle

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'Tis no secret that over-asks are still a thing in Boston real estate. 'Tis also no secret that Dorchester's Polish Triangle, one of the last great ethnic neighborhoods in the city, is dwindling quickly into no more than a marketing tool. Which is what it appears to have been for the listing for Unit 3 at 29 Mount Vernon Street, a 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,267-square-foot penthouse with an envy-inducing (even in this weather) roof deck. There is also a back deck as well as two parking spaces and a breakfast bar longer than some odds this Election Day (it's 11 feet, to be exact). The whole shebang dropped way back in September for $520,000. It just closed for a lot over the amount. Unit 3 closed Monday for $545,000—a full $25,000 over-asking.
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Polish Triangle - Andrew Square

Boston Street, Boston, MA 02125