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Cheapest, Priciest Areas in the Hub to Rent an Apartment

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Our pals at Zumper have loosed another one of their monthly rental reports for the nation as a whole and the Boston region in particular. Above is a run-down of median apartment rents as of October for various areas, including changes from September as well as between the second quarter of 2014 and the third (which ended Sept. 30). Among all apartments, Bay Village was the priciest place to rent in October, with a median of $3,310. Amongst 1-BRs alone, downtown Boston led with a $3,200 median; and for 2-BRs it's not even close: Half the apartments in the Chinatown/Leather District were renting for at least around $5K in October. Looking for real deals? Try Roxbury, Mission Hill and Brookline Village. Or even North Cambridge before it's too late.


Nationally, Boston by itself continues to be one of the most expensive cities to rent an apartment of just about any size, particularly a 1-BR. The median for that size was $2,330 in October, according to Zumper; for all apartments it was $1,680, behind only D.C., New York and some place called San Francisco. Good thing there's a plan to bring down prices... eventually... maybe.
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