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Somerville Is the New Somerville: Fast Sale in Teele Square

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If there's one city in the Greater Boston region that others look to when they're taking their pulse, it's Somerville. The Green Line extension and projects such as Assembly Row are bringing irrevocable change to the former Plan B for would-be Cambridge residents priced out of that utopia. Such change translates into hyper-desirability for Somerville real estate. Case in point: the 2-BR, 2-BA Unit C at 43 Weston Avenue in Teele Square. The 1,485-square-foot number with a two-car garage hit the sales market less than a week ago. It's already found a buyer. The penthouse was asking $688,000, which made it the third-priciest Somerville home on the market. Especially after all those million-dollar ones sold. Changes, people. Changes. Stay tuned for the closing price.
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