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Dear Boston, Curbed Wants Your Best Hyperlapse Videos

Hyperlapse, the technology that distilled a $15,000 piece of video equipment into a free iPhone app, is undoubtedly changing the way we look at cities, or at least the way we Instagram them. If you haven't heard of it yet, here's all you need to know: take a few seconds to download it in the iTunes app store, watch this tutorial, and play around. Unsurprisingly, Curbed is enamored with Instagram's novel turn towards timelapse technology and wants to see the way you've been using it. So, this is the official call: we want hyperlapse videos of demolitions, rush hour traffic, construction sites, and, well, even potholes being covered. Send them directly to Curbed. The only rules? Keep it interesting, clean, and make sure it encapsulates the energy of your fair city.

Some examples:

A video posted by Dustin Drankoski (@wonkabar) on

A video posted by @bybasepit on

A video posted by ladyprovolone (@ladyprovolone) on

A video posted by T Brand Studio (@tbrandstudio) on

A video posted by Ben Shaw (@beshaw_80) on

By sharing your video with us, you acknowledge and understand that Curbed and Vox Media will make every reasonable effort to provide appropriate attribution and credit for any use of the video, but that may not always be feasible. You understand and agree that no payment will be made for any use of the videos by Curbed, Vox Media, or our distribution partners.