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Hottest Restaurants; Skipping the Bagelsaurus Line; More!

Time for a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDEHot hot heat! Here are the 12 hottest restaurants in the Boston area right now. Plan out your November eating.
PORTER SQUARE—Of vital importance for your brunch plans: here's how to skip the weekend line at Bagelsaurus.

HARVARD SQUARE—With signs in the windows and job postings up, Boston Burger Company is now getting quite close to opening a third location. It'll be in the former Dolphin Seafood space in Cambridge.
ON TELEVISIONThe Regal Beagle's Stacy Cogswell continues on her path to hopeful Top Chef domination and reflects on the fourth episode, which took place at Cheers and Via Matta.