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Somerville Parking; Pro-Casino Spending; JP Triple-Deckers

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SOMERVILLE—The city is partnering with ParkMobile out of Atlanta: "To help residents and visitors in Somerville avoid the headache of scrounging for quarters underneath their car seats, and sifting through their change jars, officials announced this week that beginning Nov. 24, drivers will be able to pay for parking at every metered space in the city by using a smartphone." [Daily]
JAMAICA PLAIN—As many as 12 new triple-deckers could be coming to Brookley Road: "Plans for two three-family buildings at 91-93 and 95-97 Brookley Road meet zoning codes and can be built as-of-right ..." [Gazette]
MASS.-WIDE—The house always wins: "Casino companies and their supporters spent nearly $14 million in their successful campaign to defeat a ballot question on repealing the state's casino law." []