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Big Reveal: the North End 2-BR w/ the Zakim at Your Doorstep

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And, now, the answer to this week's asking-price guessing game.

Address: 234 Causeway Street, #1203
Price: $1,050,000
The Skinny: Wowza! Only 14 percent of you guessed the correct asking price for this 2-BR, 2-BA barely two months on the market (two!). Nearly half of you 42 percent voted for $1,550,000; and a further 27 percent guessed $1,200,000. It's the vu, right? Some of you even thought this puppy was asking nearly $1.8M. And some of you wrote in to tell us it was in the West End, not the North. Let's call it the borderlands. And it let's call it one of our toughest PriceSpotters ever.

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