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New BRA Director Named; Dudley Square as Innovation Hub

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ROXBURY—This reminds us of that Onion spoof: "The Roxbury Innovation Center, a publicly funded business incubator slated to debut in the Bolling Building early next year, will be a bellwether for the new Dudley. Mayor Martin J. Walsh called the 3,350-square-foot facility a 'test run' of his plan to spread out Boston's technology economy, which has been concentrated in a few, mostly white neighborhoods." [Globe]
BOSTON—Meet the new boss of the city's development authority: "Mayor Martin J. Walsh ... announced that Brian Golden will become permanent director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Golden has served as acting director of the redevelopment authority since Walsh took office in January." [Globe]

Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119