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Where the Boston Olympics Bid Stands Right This Second

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There's a new promotional video out from the Boston 2024 Organizing Committee, a private group pushing the Summer Games for the city and surrounding region. The video's timing is no accident.

Here's where things stand right now:

· Boston is one of four American finalists to host the Games. The others are Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Los Angeles is the only one of the four to have hosted the Olympics before.
· Officials and private boosters will make a final pitch next week to the U.S. Olympic Committee.
· Said committee will then soon afterward decide which American city gets to compete in the international arena for the Games. That decision should come before the end of the year. But! There is always a chance the committee decides not to submit a U.S. bid. Not likely, given that our great land hasn't hosted the Summer Games since Atlanta in 1996, but still a possibility.
· In 2017, the International Olympic Committee will pick a 2024 host. Foreign cities that might compete with any U.S. bid include Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, Doha, Istanbul, Baku, Dubai and Budapest.

Meanwhile, proponents of the Olympics in Boston are working double-time to overcome a tenacious opposition. Memories of New York City's failed bid for the 2012 Games are even being enlisted, with reminders that a lot of that city's recent mega-development, including more housing, sprang from planning for the Olympics that never were. In other words, Boston's bid is being presented as a win-win. Stay tuned.
· Olympics Opponent Becomes a Believer [Globe]