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What $2,000 a Month Rents You in Boston's Dorchester

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Dorchester, Boston's biggest neighborhood by area, cannot escape the Thunderdome of cartoonishly low supply and insatiably high demand that is Boston's wider apartment market (however softer that market is becoming re: tenants). Still, a dollar appears to go further in Dot than in other neighborhoods. In fact, the magic number of $2K a month looks to get you at least two bedrooms, if not three. And they're real bedrooms, too! None of that converted-alcove crap.

Case in point: Unit 1 at 46 Sawyer Avenue (pictured above). Its 1,000 square feet include three "equal-sized bedrooms," according to the listing. There's also one bathroom; a deck; and laundry in the basement.


The 3-BR, 1-BA Unit 2 at 113 Lonsdale Street touts its location in Dot's Neponset section. It's 1,170 square feet and comes with a W/D in-unit.

Unit 3 at 106 Hancock Street just hit the rental market. It's a 2-BR, 1-BA spread over 1,155 square feet and comes with a separate entrance for a home office. There's also attic storage.

The 2-BR, 1-BA Unit 2 at 97 Cushing Avenue in Jones Hill touts itself as being "condo quality." Its 1,200 square feet are certainly shiny. It comes with W/D hookups.

Unit 3 at 68 Moseley Street in Savin Hill is a newish 2-BR, 1-BA condo up for grabs. It's only 720 square feet, but comes with W/D hookups and central air and heat. And it's this close to the JFK/UMass Red Line stop.
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