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Now's Your Chance to Own Ted Williams' Brighton Apartment

Back in the late 1940s, Ted Williams, perhaps the greatest player to ever wear the Red Sox uniform, roomed with teammates Billy Goodman and Mel Parnell at 39 Foster Street in Brighton. While it's now Boston's Next It Neighborhood, Brighton then was simply another not-ridiculously-expensive enclave in a very different city, picked probably for its proximity to Fenway Park. The triple-decker where the three Sox roomed is currently on the market. A spokesman for the Allston-Brighton Historical Society described it to the Herald as "a nice unassuming middle-class three-family just off the heart of Brighton center." The 3,721-square-foot building is asking $1,100,000 and estimates peg the monthly rental return from it at $6,500-plus. Divided by three, that comes to roughly $2,166 per unit. Which is a ton more than the $100 that Williams et al paid for one of the apartments way back when. (Though that's roughly $1,400 in today's money.)
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