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Converse Crackles Above Boston's Big-Time Lovejoy Wharf

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A big part of the Lovejoy Wharf project, one of a quartet of new developments currently rocking Boston's world, is the new global headquarters for sneaker kingpin Converse. Last night, the Nike-owned company officially lighted the sign above its 200,000-square-foot HQ between the Zakim Bridge and the Washington Street–Charlestown Bridge. Converse will officially move in this coming spring.

The rest of Lovejoy Wharf will be primarily residential, with 175 condos and attendant amenities as well as lower-level retail. What makes the project so darn rockin', however, is that the residential component ... get this ... does not include any on-site parking. Developer Related Beal's logic is hard to argue with: There's so much public transit nearby, why take up (literally) valuable real estate with great slabs of car-parkage? It's also probably cheaper to build, but still. Bold for Boston.
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Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA