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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (8) Fort Point vs. (9) Kendall Square

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The first round of the Curbed Boston Cup roars along, with the next match-up pitting two titans of hipness against one another. Remember: Polls open for 24 hours. Let the eliminations continue!

'Tis difficult to find a more buzzy area of Boston than the South Boston enclave of Fort Point. It's teeming with techies, for one thing, as well as very popular newish developments such as Factory 63 and undoubtedly soon-to-be-very-popular developments such as 10 Farnsworth. More than that, though, Fort Point has become and remains a kind of catchall catchphrase for what works in drawing the young and ambitious to Boston.


It is impossible to write about one of the region's animating industries, technology, without writing about Kendall Square. The Cambridge enclave around M.I.T. is one of the nation's biggest tech hubs, never mind Greater Boston's, with a 24-7 vibe that other parts of the area envy. Kendall entered 2014 as one of the hotter local real estate markets, a veritable how-to for other parts of the region looking to up their games, and it exits the year just the same.

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