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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (1) East Boston vs. (16) Assembly Row

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The fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup, our award for the Hub neighborhood of the year, is kicking off with 16 enclaves vying for the prestigious fake trophy. We'll have two match-ups per day this week, and all the results and the full tourney bracket will be reviewed on Friday. Voting for each pairing ends after 24 hours. Let the eliminations commence!

The first match-up pits last year's victor, East Boston, against up-and-coming disruptor Assembly Row in Somerville.

East Boston is definitely having a moment after years of false hopes and starts. For one thing, the first new Eastie waterfront residential project in decades, Portside at East Pier, opened in November. Around the same time of that opening, ground 'twas officially broken on the mammoth mixed-use project 6 New Street. There are myriad other Eastie projects as well, including luxury condos, and speculation, too, that Eastie's pricing is about to surge past some sort of point of no return.


There was already enough hullabaloo coming into 2014 over Somerville's Assembly Row. The mixed-use mega-development had been called "the best brand-new neighborhood on the Eastern Seaboard." No pressure there. Then components such as the achingly hip AVA Somerville, not to mention the new Orange Line stop, opened during the year. And! Then came news that Assembly Row might essentially double in size. It's already slated to include more than 2,000 housing units, not to mention tons of retail and public space.

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