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Beer Money Behind Beautiful Beacon Hill Townhouse Trade

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The deliciously huge 6-BR, 11-BA, 7,122-square-foot townhouse at 14 Walnut Street dropped on the market in June 2013 for a cool $10,000,000. And there the tag remained, the house with an elevator to every floor and an expansive garden out back stubbornly refusing to budge despite an obvious dearth of interest among would-be buyers. Some suggested its months and months on the market could be ascribed to a lack of parking: Who wanted to pay $10M and not get at least one spot, especially in downtown Boston? Well, 14 Walnut and its sad lawn lion have finally found some love. The townhouse traded for $7,900,000, according to a deed filed Friday (h/t Donna Goodison). The buyer is one of the co-founders—and, until recently, one of the top execs—of the Mass. Bay Brewing Co. (a.k.a. Harpoon), the good folks who brought beer-making back to our great commonwealth in the mid-1980s. Cheers.
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