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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (4) Union Square vs. (13) Allston

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The fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup roars along with another first-round match-up. So far, East Boston and Fort Point have advanced to the second round. Remember: Polls open 24 hours.

Union Square in Somerville brims with expectation. Much of this expectation, of course, comes from the planned Green Line stop in the neighborhood. Transit-spurred change is already evident through higher apartment and retail rents as well as condo marketing that actively includes the Green Line extension. Gentrification—the good, the bad and the ugly of it—is also the topic in town everyone can't stop talking about. Expect more of the same expectations in 2015.


O, Allston! The student-heavy neighborhood this year welcomed new projects such as the 48-unit 40 Malvern Street and the 40-unit 442 Cambridge Street (pictured). There was also the interesting pitch for 61-83 Braintree Street, an 80-unit apartment complex slated to include hundreds of square feet of office space for startups. And! The debut—finally—of a big part of that big Harvard-spurred redevelopment of Barry's Corner: 325 apartments throughout more than 300,000 square feet; 35,000-plus square feet of retail; and at least 250 parking spaces.

Poll results

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Barry's Corner

182 Western Avenue, Boston, MA