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Meet the 10 Condos of Southie's Reborn 945 East Broadway

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'Round about mid-2012, there was a lot of kvetching about the possible sale of the big, red house at 945 East Broadway in Southie's City Point area. One resident lamented to the Globe that the Pleasure Bay-overlooking property's trade signaled yet another gentrification nail in the area's existential coffin: "It's yuppies and puppies." As in that's who's moving in to South Boston. Perhaps. We do know this, though: The house did sell, in January 2014 for $3,000,000 even, and it is being redeveloped now into 10 rather swanky condos.

Each of what are being called the Residences at 945 East Broadway will have three bedrooms as well as access to underground parking. Developed by New Boston Ventures and designed by Finegold Alexander & Associates, the condos will be spread over two buildings that marketing team SellBoston/Bushari Real Estate describe as "sister mansions" in a recent release. Prices will range from $995,000 to $1,425,000. Construction is scheduled to get under way next week, and the condos should be move-in ready by September. Stay tuned.
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