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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (3) South End vs. (14) Back Bay

And so the Curbed Boston Cup rumbles along with a real clash of the titans. You have a day to pick one or the other. Go.

'Tis nearly impossible to overstate the changes afoot in the South End. Let's just drill down into the neighborhood's northeastern corner, where developments such as the Ink Block (and its Sepia), 600 Harrison Avenue and the Troy Boston (rendered) are transforming the area forever and ever. And now let's pan out a bit. We find the newly unveiled conversion that is the Royal. We also find a damned closet asking five figures. The South End circa 2014.


Back Bay is a perennial favorite in the Curbed Boston Cup and this year is no different. Boston's toniest neighborhood saw swanky new developments debut, such as the Residences at the Harvard Club and 341 Marlborough Street, and big listings drop, such as Tom Brady's old penthouse and the penthouse at the new Residences at Hooper Mansion. Heck, we even discovered this year that the neighborhood's Ames-Webster Mansion was almost the Massachusetts Governor's Mansion. In conclusion, another good run for Back Bay.

Poll results

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Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116