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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (6) West Roxbury vs. (11) Roslindale

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We are well into the first round of the fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup and our newest match-up is between two neighborhoods in Boston's southern reaches. Remember: Polls close after 24 hours. Vote.

West Roxbury is not to be confused with Roslindale, its ancient archrival and neighbor. It is distinct unto itself and has had some major West Roxbury moments during 2014. Case in point: A proposal to turn the old pharmaceutical factory on Lagrange Street into a whopping 62 apartments prompted at least one resident to actually shout, "It's gonna end up like a project!" (That proposal has since been scaled back.) Not all West Roxbury residential pitches face such opposition: The 39-unit Belgrade Place is one of Boston's most prominent examples of modular housing; and that went up in five days.


Roslindale should never be mistaken for West Roxbury. Let's get that out of the way first. Now! The neighborhood that seems to blend more and more with West Roxbury has had a notable 2014. For one thing, work finally started on the redevelopment of the old power station (and nearby former funeral parlor) in Roslindale Square into the 43-unit Parkside on Adams, returning construction cranes to a neighborhood not used to them. For another, Roslindale remained one of a handful of options within Boston proper for home-buying that doesn't shatter the bank.

Poll results

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