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Big U Turn in Forest Hills: City Signs Off on 124-Unit Project

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It's been called "one of the largest residential developments in the history of Forest Hills": a 190,000-square-foot development with 124 condos and apartments. And it got the O.K. of the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday evening.
The project will be plunked atop an MBTA site called Parcel U between Hyde Park Avenue and Washington Street near the Forest Hills commuter-rail and T stop. Construction could start on the 76-unit rental component, spread over two four-story buildings, this coming spring once state funding is lined up. A five-story, 48-unit condo component could be completed in 2017 beginning in the spring of 2015. (The project's currently slated to be mostly condos.) A 2-BR condo there could cost around $500,000 and rent for around $2,000, according to one report. A sizable slice of the rentals, perhaps one-fourth, will be designated as affordable housing. Stay tuned.
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