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Newton Development Fight; Waltham as Drunkest City

WALTHAM—It narrowly beat out Jersey City: "BACtrack, a portable breathalyzer company that uses smartphone integration to keep its customers safe, has released data from its almost 300,000 breathalyzer tests nationwide in 2014. Some results aren't surprising: the drunkest days of the year are St. Patrick's Day and New Years Eve. Much more surprising? The highest average BAC in all of America during the month of December is from Waltham, Mass." []
NEWTON—The city's doing O.K., except on its "southwestern edge [where] the leafy Wells Avenue office park was left behind. And a plan to develop the park has run head-on into a common roadblock: ingrained local opposition to the use of housing as an economic development engine. The battle over building hundreds of new homes in the office park looks like a typical housing fight. But in reality, it's a fight about competing for growth in the modern economy." [Globe]