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Headline Predictions for Greater Boston Real Estate in 2015

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As part of the Year in Curbed Boston, we asked several notables in the region's real estate scene to predict the headlines for the coming year.

John A. Keith, a Boston broker:
· Agreement Signed between City and Robert Kraft for New 29,000-Seat Stadium Near Widett Circle
· Boston Wins U.S. Olympic Bid
· Mayor Withdraws Support for 2024 Olympics
· Mayor to USOC: Drop Dead
· Funding Secured for Dudley-Dewey BRT
· Luxury Apartment Supply Absorbed, Prices Stabilize
· Columbus Center Project to Rise From the Dead
· Rosenthal Promises Fenway Center Is Really, Really Close to Breaking Ground
· Private Dormitory Tower on Christian Science Plaza Proposed
· Groundbreaking Announced for Parcels 12, 13, and 15 Near Berklee College of Music

Lara Gordon, a broker in Cambridge and Somerville:
· Just When You Thought Boston Condo Prices Couldn't Go Any Higher!

Jonathan Berk, real estate attorney, founder of the BuildingBOS blog and member of Boston's Onein3 Council:
· The Walsh administration's announcements of transit-oriented growth districts along the Red and Oranges lines will spur mixed-use development growth around key, underutilized transit nodes. Look to see this trend continue with similar districts, including new "innovation districts" being announced in 2015 and beyond. (See above map.)
· Adopting innovation: The real estate industry will fully embrace innovative new designs, financing models, and configurations of residential and mixed-use buildings as suburbs and cities alike begin to more fully adopt the walkable urban lifestyle. New projects will begin to take shape in neighborhoods further out on rapid transit lines and commuter rail lines alike.
Charles Cherney, a broker in Cambridge and Somerville:
· Next Stop Union Square
Paul McMorrow, Boston Globe op-ed columnist and CommonWealth magazine associate editor:
· Don Chiofaro gets to replace the Harbor Garage with a wicked tall building, with an assist from an architect on the Harbor Towers payroll.
· Construction starts on the condos over the Savin Hill Hole. There will be little to no on-site parking. The world will not end.
· Outlying neighborhoods and close-in suburbs—Mattapan, Hyde Park, Everett, Malden—come into their own.
Nick Warren, president and CEO of Warren Residential:
· Buyer Frustration in Boston Continues Due to a Lack of Inventory for Sale
David Bates, a Boston broker and our Bates By the Numbers columnist:
· Seaport This, Seaport That
· Somerville This, Somerville That
· Foreign Buyers This, Foreign Buyers That
· Luxury Boston Condo Glut Predicted
· Boston Millennials Consider Jobs in Other Cities
· Dorchester and East Boston Are on the Rise
· Pats Purchase Revis Island

What are your own headline predictions for 2015? Let us know in the comments or email the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.
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