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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: (7) Charlestown vs. (15) Dorchester

The last second-round match-up in the fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup pits giant slayer Dorchester against Charlestown. Voting lasts 24 hours.

Charlestown has hosted some brisk home sales this year as well as some quirky developments. Who could forget the new project at 19-27 Caldwell Street and its NeWell concept, which warns that "your home is killing you"? Or the pivot of 45 First Avenue (rendered) from rentals to condos, likely the tip of the iceberg for so many apartment complexes region-wide? Finally, there was Gatehouse 75, where the key word is "trendy."


Mighty Dorchester brought us one of the year's juicier brouhahas: the kvetching over a dearth of parking at the proposed 15-unit project at 120 Savin Hill Avenue—across from the Savin Hill T station. The neighborhood also provided one of the best examples of how frenetic the Boston housing market has become: the bidding for a dilapidated, old transit station in Upham's Corner (pictured). And the deals! Let's not forget those. Through it all, too, the Indigo Line's progress continued unabated.

Poll results

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Savin Hill T Stop

121 Savin Hill Avenue, Boston, MA