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Curbed Cup 2nd Round: (11) Roslindale vs. (3) South End

The Curbed Boston Cup's second round rumbles along with No. 11 Roslindale facing off against perennial favorite the South End. Polls close in 24 hours.

Roslindale should never be mistaken for West Roxbury. Let's get that out of the way first. Now! The neighborhood that seems to blend more and more with West Roxbury has had a notable 2014. For one thing, work finally started on the redevelopment of the old power station (and nearby former funeral parlor) in Roslindale Square into the 43-unit Parkside on Adams, returning construction cranes to a neighborhood not used to them. For another, Roslindale remained one of a handful of options within Boston proper for home-buying that doesn't shatter the bank.


'Tis nearly impossible to overstate the changes afoot in the South End. Let's just drill down into the neighborhood's northeastern corner, where developments such as the Ink Block (and its Sepia), 600 Harrison Avenue and the Troy Boston (rendered) are transforming the area forever and ever. And now let's pan out a bit. We find the newly unveiled conversion that is the Royal. We also find a damned closet asking five figures. The South End circa 2014.

Poll results

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