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Curbed Boston Awards '14: the Real Estate Word of the Year

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The end of the year is drawing nigh and we're tossing out Curbed Boston Awards like it's nobody's business. This morning it's a biggie: the Real Estate Word of the Year. We asked for your suggestions; you flooded our always-discreet inbox.

That collection of syllables that describes Greater Boston real estate in 2014 is "shortage." As in: a shortage of available condos and apartments as well as the development of both. These shortages have manifested themselves in myriad frustrating ways: bidding wars, ridiculously high prices, often equally ridiculous over-asks (2013's Word of the Year), government actions, seemingly ceaseless debate (ahem), and that supreme irony of having too many new apartments but not the right apartments. In, um, short, there's just not enough housing to satisfy the demand for it in Greater Boston; and for the near future that looks to continue to be the case. Good luck out there and thank you to those who wrote in (we liked "inventory," too, but that wasn't as sexy as shortage; shortage is sexy).
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