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How to Build 10,000 New Mass. Apartments a Year; More!

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MASS.-WIDE—Here's how our fair commonwealth might create 10,000 condos and apartments annually: "So I asked Greg Bialecki, the outgoing state housing and economic development secretary, to give it to me straight. ... Simply put, Bialecki said, to achieve the state's goal, Greater Boston will need about a dozen projects the size of Somerville's Assembly Row, a $1.5 billion mixed-used development that will include about 1,800 apartments." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—M.I.T. is organizing one heckuva transportation conclave: "It's not every day city officials, transportation experts and technology whizzes get together to listen to bicyclists, dog walkers, drivers and anyone else with ideas about how to make Cambridge streets work better and more safely for any and every form of transportation. In fact, that day is Jan. 9." [Day]

Assembly Row

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