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Curbed Cup Final Four: Assembly Row vs. Downtown Crossing

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The Final Four of the fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup 'tis arrived. Help us determine the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year by voting for either Somerville's Assembly Row or Boston's Downtown Crossing. Polls open 24 hours. Next Final Four match-up tomorrow.

Sixteenth seed Assembly Row is the Cinderella Story of the bracket so far, having bumped off No. 1 seed East Boston, last year's Curbed Boston Cup winner, in the first round and recently trouncing uber-trendy Fort Point in the second. The mixed-use mega-development has been called "the best brand-new neighborhood on the Eastern Seaboard." No pressure there. And components such as the achingly hip AVA Somerville, not to mention the new Orange Line stop, opened during the year. And! Then came news that Assembly Row might essentially double in size. It's already slated to include more than 2,000 housing units, not to mention tons of retail and public space.


No. 12 Downtown Crossing is easily one of the game-changing-est neighborhoods in the entire region. This is mostly due to high-profile developments such as Millennium Place, easily Boston's best-selling condo complex of 2014, and Millennium Tower, the under-construction behemoth (rendered against the skyline above) where condos sell for Manhattan-like prices (try a trio for $9M each or thereabouts). The jury's still out re: whether Downtown Crossing will become the 24-7 nabe everyone wants it to be; but its changes continued unabated this year.

Poll results

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Assembly Row

355 Artisan Way, , MA 02145 (617) 440-5565 Visit Website

Millennium Tower

1 Franklin Street, , MA 02110 Visit Website