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Faneuil Hall Marketplace Makeover; Boston Olympics Protest

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DOWNTOWN BOSTON—The Manhattanization of Boston real estate continues with the makeover of Faneuil Hall Marketplace: "Ashkenazy has hired Daniel A. Biederman, whose New York consulting firm revitalized Bryant Park in Manhattan, to enliven the public realm around the marketplace. One problem now is that the outdoor seating is 'a little bit uncomfortable and is not ideal to retain families or even pairs of people,' Mr. Biederman said. In contrast, Bryant Park offers 5,800 movable chairs, giving visitors control over where they sit." [NY Times]
BOSTON—It'll be Dec. 8 outside of the Institute of Contemporary Art: "A 'coalition of concerned citizens' upset with how the city and state have handled the bid process for Boston to host the 2024 Olympic Games are planning to protest the measure outside of a forum next week." [Daily]

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

1 Faneuil Hall Square, Boston, MA 02109 617-523-1300