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Curbed Cup Final Four: the South End vs. Dorchester

Here's the last match-up of the Final Four of the fourth annual Curbed Boston Cup to determine the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year. Who should advance? Perennial favorite the South End or giant-slayer Dorchester? Polls close in 24 hours.

'Tis nearly impossible to overstate the changes afoot in the South End, the No. 3 seed this year. Let's just drill down into the neighborhood's northeastern corner, where developments such as the Ink Block (and its Sepia), 600 Harrison Avenue and the Troy Boston (rendered) are transforming the area forever and ever. And now let's pan out a bit. We find the newly unveiled conversion that is the Royal. We also find a damned closet asking five figures. The South End circa 2014.


Fifteenth seed Dorchester brought us one of the year's juicier brouhahas: the kvetching over a dearth of parking at the proposed 15-unit project at 120 Savin Hill Avenue—across from the Savin Hill T station. The neighborhood also provided one of the best examples of how frenetic the Boston housing market has become: the bidding for a dilapidated, old transit station in Upham's Corner (pictured). And the deals! Let's not forget those. Through it all, too, the Indigo Line's progress continued unabated.

Poll results

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