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It's the Curbed Cup Final! Assembly Row vs. Dorchester

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Our fourth annual competition to decide the Hub's Neighborhood of the Year commenced with 16 seeds. The two left standing after several rounds of voting are both Cinderella stories: No. 15 Dorchester and No. 16 Assembly Row. Who will emerge the winner and take home the coveted fake trophy as well as bragging rights for all of 2015?

Polls will stay open through New Year's Day with the winner announced Jan. 2. Without further ado:

There was already enough hullabaloo coming into 2014 over Somerville's Assembly Row. The mixed-use mega-development had been called "the best brand-new neighborhood on the Eastern Seaboard." No pressure there. Then components such as the achingly hip AVA Somerville, not to mention the new Orange Line stop, opened during the year. And! Then came news that Assembly Row might essentially double in size. It's already slated to include more than 2,000 housing units, not to mention tons of retail and public space.
Mighty Dorchester brought us one of the year's juicier brouhahas: the kvetching over a dearth of parking at the proposed 15-unit project at 120 Savin Hill Avenue—across from the Savin Hill T station. The neighborhood also provided one of the best examples of how frenetic the Boston housing market has become: the bidding for a dilapidated, old transit station in Upham's Corner (pictured). And the deals! Let's not forget those. Through it all, too, the Indigo Line's progress continued unabated.

Poll results

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Assembly Row

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