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What Development or New Building Caught Your Eye in 2014?

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We asked some local real estate notables to groove us the buildings, newish and older, that caught their eyes in the year rapidly disappearing.

John A. Keith, a Boston broker: Waterside Place isn't as bad as I once thought. The building, colloquially known by me as the "bottle-opener building" due to its roof design, stands out amongst the bland office buildings to its right and left. Well, it will stand out until the BCEC builds its 1,350-car garage right in front of it. But, still ...
Jonathan Berk, real estate attorney, founder of the BuildingBOS blog and member of Boston's Onein3 Council: Assembly Row. Never judge a book by its cover? I think everyone has an opinion on this project. My first impressions on my first walk-through… did the guys dressed in the Mickey Mouse costumes have the day off…? However, each time I go back it feels like it's continuing to grow and develop its neighborhood identity. It will be interesting to seen whether or not this is a model that can be partially applied to areas like Suffolk Downs and Beacon Yards in the years to come.

Nick Warren, president and CEO of Warren Residential: Again, Millennium Tower. From its exterior design to its incredible amenities, they really went all out. I think it will be one of those buildings that we compare all other new construction in Boston with for a long time.

Charles Cherney, a broker in Cambridge and Somerville: Well done, Cafasso Design Group! See their 2014 renovation of 13 Greenough Avenue in Mid-Cambridge.
David Bates, a Boston broker and our Bates By the Numbers columnist: 282 Marginal, East Boston: Contemporary condo lofts, set a new pricing standard for East Boston in a Jeffries Point location that was a touch on the fringe. Ink Block: That once scary-looking, undefined area off 93, is looking a lot friendlier. Millennium Tower: They don't have much to show in terms of brick and mortar, but this development (and developer) is setting the standard for future Boston real estate in so many ways.
Paul McMorrow, Boston Globe op-ed columnist and CommonWealth magazine associate editor: Somerville's Union Square redevelopment partnership with Magellan Development.
Lara Gordon, a broker in Cambridge and Somerville: I've been particularly interested in development a bit further out of Boston proper: Everett, Chelsea, Medford and Malden are all vying to be the next best thing and it will be fun to watch their evolution in the coming years.
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Millennium Tower

1 Franklin Street, , MA 02110 Visit Website

Waterside Place

Congress Street, Boston, MA