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Boston-Area Tenants Paid $9.8B in Rent in 2014; More!

BOSTON—According to one big measure, this was a banner year in Boston development: "In all, the BRA approved construction projects totaling more than $3 billion in 2014. Adding those to ongoing projects approved in prior years, the city had more than three times the total in square footage of development underway in 2014 than just two years earlier." [Globe]
BOSTON—Speaking of the BRA! "Six months after a critical audit painted the Boston Redevelopment Authority as a lax landlord that lost track of its leases, the agency said it has cracked down on a slew of deadbeat tenants and collected more than $4 million in back rent." [Herald]
HUB-WIDE—Tenants in the Boston metro area paid $9,800,000,000 in rent in 2014. Happy New Year. [Zillow]