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Millennium Place: Boston's Best-Selling Luxury Condo in 2014

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We're making a prediction 'cause it's a prediction kind of time: Millennium Place, that grand gated community in Downtown Crossing, will sell more units this year than any other luxury condo complex in Boston. It's a safe bet: Through Nov. 14, 101 units in the 256-unit building have traded hands, far more than any other luxury property in the city, according to the Collaborative Companies, which culled data from LINK and the multiple-listing service. The Ritz-Carlton is a distant, distant second with 28 deals.

Millennium Place, of course, has two factors going for it: It's relatively new, having officially opened in the fall of 2013, meaning it's got a lot of inventory to move; and it's created a not-infinitesimal amount of buzz through its marketing as well as amenities such as its events series called La Vie.

The average size of a Millennium Place condo that has sold in 2014 is 1,390 square feet. That's more than the 1,244-square-foot average of units traded in 2013. The average sales prices are also noticeably different year over year: $1,394,931 in 2014 vs. $1,143,982 in 2013; and, per square foot, $980 vs. $893. There were also 169 sales last year vs. 101 so far this year.
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Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111