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Where the Green Line Green Is Going; a Bet Over the BRA

SOMERVILLE/MEDFORD—Here's a breakdown of where the more than $2,000,000,000 will be spent to extend the Green Line: "While not the most expensive transit project in Massachusetts history — that designation goes to the Big Dig, which logged $15 billion in construction costs — the extension's price tag could appear a bit steep for just 4.7 miles of new service. And the estimated cost has only grown as the project has been delayed, time and again. It's now projected to be completed between 2017 and 2020." [Globe]
BOSTON—Globe biz columnist Shirley Leung has bet Mayor Marty Walsh that he will not have a new head of the Boston Redevelopment Authority in place before Gov.-elect Charlie Baker is sworn in Jan. 8: "I am so confident of victory that I am betting the house on this. If I lose, I will hand over — just for a day — one of the most precious pieces of real estate in this city: my column space." Meanwhile, construction continues apace in the city: "The BRA this year has approved about $3 billion in projects and broke ground on $3.2 billion worth of development." [Globe]