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Big Dorchester Development; Chelsea Having Its Moment

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DORCHESTER—Plans are afoot for a 92-unit development at Hancock and Pleasant streets. That's huge for the area and already residents are raising congestion concerns: "The residential complex, still in the design stages, would include seven four-story, eight-unit buildings along Pleasant and Greenmount streets, with one larger 36-unit apartment building sited on the three acre parcel's Hancock Street boundary. The properties would feature one parking space per unit and 52,000 square feet of usable open space." [Reporter]
CHELSEA—Its moment is NOW: "Within this tiny city of 1.8 square miles is an unprecedented level of development over the last two decades. Thirty-three major projects have been developed, as well as what will eventually be a total of six hotels. New parks, sidewalks, and roadways dot the landscape. A $100 million FBI headquarters is set to open in 2016. Over half a million square feet of new commercial development and a 10 percent increase of the residential base are planned. The relocation of the commuter rail next to new Silver Line connections by the Mystic Mall will set the stage for a thriving mixed-use marketplace on the scale of Somerville's Assembly Row." [Globe]