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A 'NY-Style' Leather District Loft That Will Shatter Your Mind

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The Manhattanization of Boston real estate is continuing unabated and this recently listed loft at 134 Beach Street is a further example. Admittedly it really does look like the sort of capacious spread you might find in the old cast-iron, Second Empire buildings in lower Manhattan nabes such as Soho and Tribeca (another listing in 134 Beach once described a condo as "Soho-style," in fact, the first time we've ever seen a Boston marketer drill down past the boroughs to the New York neighborhood level). As if to remove any doubt of the 2,836-square-foot loft's vibe, too, the Engel & Volkers Boston description touts it as a "large, true, NY-style loft." Have a further look around after the jump. The 2-BR, 2.5-BA expanse wants $1,395,000. That's around $490 a square foot. A little low-ball, no? Thoughts?
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